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About Us

About Minnesota Rust

Minnesota Rust was started in 2014 by designer and entrepreneur Andrea Stordahl and features Andrea’s unique design aesthetic that includes a mix of vintage, found and modern pieces to create one-of-a-kind spaces and experiences.

About the Store

Minnesota Rust offers a carefully curated collection of vintage, one-of-a-kind and found decor & furniture so you can create a beautiful and unique space you love to live in.

Rural Revitalization

After a series of family tragedies, Andrea, her husband, Bryce and their two children moved to be closer to family in Bryce’s hometown of McIntosh, MN pop 625. After moving to McIntosh and becoming involved in their community they decided they wanted to help rebuild the small downtown and create an environment that people from all over would want to visit, support and create memories. A place that their kids would be proud to return to in the future. So over the past few years, that is just what they did.

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About the Founder

My name is Andrea Stordahl and I own and operate a fun antique, decor and design shop I named, Minnesota Rust. Our brick-and-mortar is located in my husband, Bryce’s hometown of McIntosh, MN. Population 625 (give or take a few). We packed our bags and moved after a series of unfortunate events caused us to slow down, live our lives with intention and raise our children in a small community. Read More

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